Monday, June 29, 2009

Stamp Set Storage

Kirsten asked me yesterday in our MLO class how I store my stamp sets and how I convert my rubber stamps mounted on wood blocks for use on clear stamp blocks. I store all of my stamps in CD cases alphabetically. (Some larger stamp sets require more than one CD case, and Kirsten also suggested using DVD cases for those larger sets.) I use a label maker to put the name of the stamp set on the spine of the CD case, and I also make 2 copies of the entire stamp set - one to slide into the front of the CD case and the other copy to put in a file so I know which stamps I have very quickly. (Big Lots is where I buy my CD cases. Remove the black plastic insert carefully to make room to store the stamps in the CD case.)

The top picture shows my Making Memories Embellishment Center that stores my stamp sets in CD's. This center will hold 104 CD's! That's 13 CD's in each of the 8 larger square compartments. The second picture can be found on the Michael's website. That's where I bought two of these centers. They're $80 each, but I used my WONDERFUL 50% off coupons and my dear husband went with me so he could use a coupon and I could use a coupon -- now, that's love!

Here is the technique for converting rubber stamps mounted on wood blocks for use on acrylic stamp blocks:

Place one stamp into your microwave oven and microwave in intervals of 4 seconds to see how much time on HIGH is required to warm the wooden block and soften the glue. After the ideal time in the microwave is determined, the rubber stamps will remove easily from the wood block. Next - take facial powder with a puff (or any other powder) and lightly rub and coat the sticky backing on the stamp with the powder until it is just slightly tacky. Now you're ready to use your stamp on any clear stamp block! Occasionally, you may need to re-apply the powder. If the stamp sticks to your CD case, place in the microwave to soften. Recently, I've been keeping the protective tan backing that comes on Stampin' UP! sets and store my stamps on that backing in the CD case.

I have to thank my SSF (Stamping Sister Forever) - Katie Duzmal - for sharing these storage and stamp conversion ideas with me!! Once she told me about this revolutionary concept, I was working night and day on my vacation to get my sets converted! I felt such a sense of accomplishment and it is wonderful to be this organized -- at least on this one wall in my house - hehe!

Hope this frees up some space so you can buy even MORE stamps sets!

Since this post, Carol wrote and said:

What to do with the wood blocks?

KT's Response:
If readers have any ideas for uses with the wood blocks let me know, but I'm going to donate them to the RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) - it's a non-profit that recycles unwanted items and sells them back to teachers and non-profits for pennies on the dollar so they can do fun and educational activities with them in their classrooms. My son worked there as a teen, so I know what good things they are doing to help in this world!


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